Aplikasi Gojek

Aplikasi Gojek – You may already be familiar with the term Gojek. But of course, there are still some of you who don’t know how to use the Gojek app. So, in this article, we will discuss how to use the Gojek app.

Gojek is a technology company that focuses on motorcycle taxi transportation services. In a general sense, GoJek is an evolution of the traditional ojek to a more modern one. Gojek was founded on October 12, 2019 by a person named Nadiem Makarim.

Aplikasi Gojek

Aplikasi Gojek

Gojek is very successful in the Indonesian market. It has been verified that this service is already available in more than 50 cities in Indonesia. Currently, the number of employees of “Gojek” has reached more than 3000 people.

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Before the discussion on how to use the Gojek app, if you don’t already have the Gojek app, you need to download and install it first.

If you are registered in the gojek app, you can now access the services provided by gojek. Gojek itself has 10 main services that you can choose based on your needs. These services include:

This service is an online motorcycle taxi that you can choose to pick you up and take you wherever you go.

This service is an online taxi that uses the driver’s own car. You can use it to take you wherever you want to go.

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This service is a courier service that is ready to pick up and deliver your goods or packages to the address you want to send them to.

This service is an on-demand delivery service that is ready to deliver your food order to your home. Gojek works with more than 30,000 cafes and restaurants across Indonesia.

This service is a Box car rental service for those who want to transport goods like home delivery and more.

Aplikasi Gojek

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