Best Place To Order Contacts Online Reddit

Best Place To Order Contacts Online Reddit – Show all sharing options for: Brands use Instagram to sell colorful communications. It may not be safe to do so.

Outbound marketers have a network of hundreds of thousands of Instagram followers based on sponsored posts and influencer marketing. Pink paradise

Best Place To Order Contacts Online Reddit

Best Place To Order Contacts Online Reddit

My first pair of colored contact lenses were purchased at a hardware store in Koreatown. An elderly Korean employee convinced me to pay $30 for hazel contact lenses that would brighten and “enlarge” my eyes. He didn’t really have to do much to convince me. The YouTube video convinced me.

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In 2010, Michelle Phan — today considered a beauty pioneer — uploaded a viral recreation of Lady Gaga’s makeup in the Bad Romance music video. About six minutes into the video, Phan appears in a gray circular contact, blinking rapidly as his eyes change into an unnatural doll shape. Round lenses, which are not regulated by the Food and Drug Administration, create larger eyes by changing the color of the iris. “See how big he is now?” read the caption in the video.

The cosmetic lens craze began more than a decade ago in Asia, and through YouTube, blogs and online forums, the trend has grown — spreading to young women and cosplayers, people who wear clothes like pop culture. A few months after Fan’s video, the New York Times published an article about the dangers of non-FDA-approved round lenses.

(The FDA requires sellers to register their products on the website before they can be distributed commercially; this is a step foreign sellers can take because their business is not exclusively for US consumers.)

Widespread concern about these over-the-counter lenses is waning, but every year the FDA, the Federal Trade Commission and the American Academy of Ophthalmology warn consumers to be careful about buying over-the-counter colored lenses, often on Halloween. They warn of the possibility of severe eye infections and even partial blindness. Luckily I wasn’t too sick. When I was told they would last a year, I threw out the contacts after a few months because my eyes were dry and so I was skeptical.

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In the past few years, there has been a slight resurgence of colored contact lenses from outside vendors with odd names like TTD Eye, Ohmykitty4u, Uniqso, and Pinky Paradise. They cater to a specific clientele: TTD Eye is popular with beauty enthusiasts who love lenses in shades of hazel and gray, while Uniqso is a haven for cosplayers who seek vibrant and round lenses to err.

As of 2019, the marketing platform of choice is Instagram, not YouTube. And these links are used not only by beauty gurus, makeup artists and micro-influencers trying to become big influencers, but also by ordinary consumers.

On Instagram, marketers manage a network of hundreds of thousands of followers built around sponsored posts and marketing campaigns. The company provides lifestyle and beauty tips for affiliates, provides free contact lenses and can earn commissions in exchange for articles or videos.

Best Place To Order Contacts Online Reddit

Others have more liberal standards for influencer-like partnerships, requiring an active blog or Instagram account to promote their products. But for the most part, these partnerships and products seem unregulated online, creating a free-for-all market where a camera brand’s reputation determines consumer trust.

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When Caitlin Alexander ran another fashion blog in 2015, she rotated through five pairs of round lenses a week, in colors ranging from electric blue to mustard yellow. It was a rebellious habit that he stopped shortly after two “bad relationships” and never saw a day.

She wore soft pink sunglasses from Malaysian retailer Uniqso eight hours earlier (as usual) and woke up with eyes that were very sensitive to light.

“When I took those pink contacts out at night, my eyes got a little blurry,” the 28-year-old said. “But the next day I couldn’t find the source and couldn’t see well for several hours.”

Color contacts should not be dangerous; There are federally regulated brands such as Freshlook, Air Optix and Acuvue that require a prescription. Links sold by overseas suppliers are cheaper and can be purchased as a pair. The lenses sell for as little as $15 a pair before shipping, but prices vary by contact length, prescription and brand.

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Interested lens buyers usually gather in online forums or blogs and discuss which suppliers are the most popular and have the best prices. Some are wary of brands that don’t check customer reviews or take weeks to ship an order.

However, the problem with buying contact lenses online is that there are so many options on the market that some products – especially those available without a prescription – may not have been tested to be safe to use.

Found that the safety of the product depends on how it is manufactured and the chemicals used in the process. Because there are so many lenses available, the study concluded that optometrists should be skeptical about the quality of most colored lenses.

Best Place To Order Contacts Online Reddit

Because the market for color communication is so large, researchers aren’t sure if there is any risk to consumers. Getty Images

Owndays Colour Contact Lens

Lens prescriptions usually have certain parameters, says Mike Shea, an optometrist in Connecticut. Although consumers are ordering contact lenses online according to their prescription, there is still a gap in relevant communication. With colorful communication from outside traders, Shea adds that the bigger problem is food shortages and mentions 2015.

The study, led by researchers at Tokushima University in Japan, examined the safety of chemicals used to make five-color contact lenses. The lenses are ‘over the counter’ online or at pharmacies and come in a variety of shapes and colours. Researchers have found that the colored chemicals in the lenses can come into contact with the wearer, causing eye infections. And based on the lens color market, it’s hard to determine the overall risk.

Alexander then emailed Uniqso to request a refund, but before the company could issue a replacement pair or refund, a customer representative told them to cut off the broken lenses.two, according to the replacement scheme. In 2016, a year after the incident, Alexander decided to write a blog post explaining his relationship with Uniqso and his decision to stop promoting the brand.

It took him a year, Alexander said, because he was convinced he was using the wrong lens or that the case was an isolated case.

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“Shortly after I posted my blog, people accused me of not knowing how to communicate or of trying to make Uniqso look bad,” he said. But years later, I still get comments and emails from people who have Alexander there is a similar problem with lenses.

“I don’t play with my eyes anymore,” Alexander said. “I only wear prescription glasses.” Despite his cautious blog, he remains concerned that many consumers trust online camera retailers too much, especially “young adults” who trust the opinions of influencers.

“People believe that influencers have the best for themselves,” she said, but no one thinks that influencers are not health professionals. “I’m sure you did, and so did I.”

Best Place To Order Contacts Online Reddit

Colored lenses are everywhere – at least according to my Instagram algorithm. She appears in selfies, photos and makeup tutorials. There’s one type of video that keeps popping up on Explore’s Instagram page, and it looks a lot like Phan’s: a beauty promoter holding colored contact lenses in a plastic applicator, hiding her face. He quickly put on one, then two lenses before beaming at the online audience.

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Check out this post on Instagram A post shared by AGNSAGUSTIN (@agnesagustinn) on Sep 1, 2019 at 8:30pm PDT

This short “test” video is taken from the compendium of social media marketing tactics used by lens marketers. Most are based in Asia, where the cosmetic lenses originate, and only a few require customers to check their prescriptions before purchasing.

Most sellers do not manufacture the lenses, but they still act as middlemen – they are responsible for manufacturing the product and ensuring its safety and usefulness before shipping it to the customer.

Pinky Paradise, a seller in Malaysia, was the only company of the four I contacted to answer my questions and confirm that they check the recipe before processing the order. It’s also one of the overseas sellers I’ve seen that requires customers to provide a prescription before ordering. (Having this process does not mean that the supplier’s product is FDA registered.)

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According to Jason Au, the founder of Pinky Paradise, the company offers a variety of brands from Korean manufacturers and supplies products that meet Korean and international health standards.

“We will not sell products that do not meet the standards

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