G Suite Pricing

G Suite Pricing – Google announced today that it is raising the price of its G Suite subscriptions for the first time. In the US, the price of G Suite Basic and G Suite Business editions will increase by $1 and $2 per user per month, respectively, while increases in other regions will be currency adjusted locally and in the market. The price for G Suite Enterprise remains the same.

The new price will apply from April 2; those on annual plans pay the new price when they renew their contract after that date.

G Suite Pricing

G Suite Pricing

Normally a $1 or $2 price increase isn’t a big deal, but this is the first time Google has raised the price of its G Suite subscriptions. The company claims to have added many new services to its platform — such as video conferencing with Hangouts Meet, group messaging with Hangouts Chat, increased storage quotas, and other security and productivity tools and services — since the original launch of its paid service. . productivity tools 2006.

What Happens To Your G Suite Unlimited Storage When Google Moves You To Workspace?

That seems like a fair argument to me, although a 20% price increase is hard for some small businesses to swallow. It’s also important to remember that G Suite is big business for Google right now. After all, there are now more than 4 million businesses on G Suite, and while some of them may indeed have enterprise plans that their teams negotiate privately, the vast majority of them are likely to have standard monthly or annual plans. The simple answer is that G Suite is free for two weeks, after which it can cost anywhere from $6 to $500 per month. Costs vary depending on your cloud computing needs and the size of your organization.

If someone told you to buy G Suite (and you don’t know what it is), it’s a cloud-based productivity program. It is one of the most comprehensive software (SaaS) and platform as a service (PaaS) providers.

Best of all, you and your employees can sync these programs to your computer or access them through a web browser. Using G Suite as your company’s workspace gives you superior security while saving on company hardware usage.

To learn more about how Root Level Technology can help your business migrate to G Suite, call one of our experts here.

Google Discontinues G Suite Legacy Accounts Pay Up Or Lose Everything

Your G Suite costs depend a lot on how many team members you have. Google charges you per user, just like Office 365 and other productivity platforms.

In the graphic above, you can see that G Suite has three different options. Depending on your organization’s computing needs, your G Suite will cost anywhere from $6 to $25 per user per month.

Unfortunately, if you pay every year, your value will not decrease. In the Google Support screenshot below (taken in June 2020) you can see the layout.

G Suite Pricing

In many ways, it is an advantage that your costs are the same, regardless of whether you pay monthly or annually. You can pay month to month for the same price as you pay for a whole year.

Google Suite Business Or Microsoft Office 365

If you want to leave G Suite at any time, Google makes it easy for you. You won’t be locked into a one-year contract if you don’t want to.

Regardless of the plan you choose (Basic, Business or Enterprise), each subscription includes the minimum products/services listed below.

If you need more cloud computing power, you can upgrade your Drive storage (both Business and Enterprise plans allow unlimited storage or up to 1 TB per user for four users or fewer). In addition, you can purchase add-ons or individual upgrades listed below:

The reason Root Level Technology is a proud Google Cloud partner is that their G Suite package includes more than any other current competitor.

The Complete Guide To G Suite Pricing

For example, Office 365 offers many of the same productivity apps. However, you pay more and don’t have the same level of virtual collaboration compared to G Suite.

Another example of the advantage of G Suite is how its video conferencing software (Meet) compares to Zoom. Meet’s “encryption in transit” approach to cybersecurity is generally more secure than Zoom’s TLS encryption. Meet is also included in the G Suite subscription, while Zoom costs you as a single application when combined with another productivity suite such as Office 365.

When comparing G Suite costs and capabilities with competitors, we recommend consulting an RLT expert. Our agents can help you develop a comprehensive cloud migration strategy and help you get the most out of your investment. But the costs are increasing. Let’s say you have five people in your company who all need email accounts. On the G Suite Basic plan, it’s $360 per year. For a small business that needs to see every dollar, the impact of $360.

G Suite Pricing

In other words, the official version of G Suite is not free unless you are an educational or non-profit organization. You have to install it yourself or pay for it.

Is G Suite Basic The Right Plan For Your Business?

You can access all G Suite products and corporate email if you want to do a little extra work yourself.

This works very well when you are the only person working in your company. Or you have a small business where you don’t need to create email accounts for your employees.

If possible, try to get your company@gmail.com. If it’s already taken and you need to tweak it a bit, that’s fine. This will not be your email address anyway. You use it primarily as a login to your Google account.

Then you have access to Google Apps (Google Docs, Slides and Sheets) together with 15 GB of storage space.

Task Boards & Lists

The downside is that your email will be your-company@gmail.com. It works like a small business, but lacks the professional feel of your-name@your-company.com.

Each domain registration allows you to create an email address on a domain that you own. Your domain registrar is the company you used to purchase your business website domain, it could also be the web host you used to create your business website.

The settings are always slightly different depending on the exact domain registrar or web host. After logging in, you will be looking for email features.

G Suite Pricing

Quick note: you may be charged extra to create an email address on your domain. If you bought your domain through a web host, it often comes with a free email. If you don’t have a web host and only have a domain registrar, you’ll probably have to pay to set up email on your domain. You will still advance, but it will be much cheaper than paying for G Suite.

How To Get An Email With A Custom Domain

In this example, the $20/year plan gives you what you need. After you buy it, you set it up to send all your email to your free Gmail account. A user on the G Suite Basic plan costs $72 per year, so you’ll save 52 years with this option.

Get everything you need for an email account for $9.88 per year. This saves you $62 per year compared to using G Suite. And Namecheap’s $13.88 per year plan is pretty good too, allowing you to set up up to 10 email addresses. All these price levels are much better than Hover.

To get a free business email setup, you must use the email features that come with your web hosting account. Most hosting plans include a webmail option to access your email. They also have all the settings you need to connect your email accounts on your host to your Gmail account. The process will work like this:

For more information on how to forward your business email to a Gmail account, see the support documentation for your domain registrar or web host. They will have step-by-step instructions on how to set it up. You can also contact their support for further assistance.

G Suite Upcoming Features And Pricing Changes

No problem – it’s actually the full version of G Suite Basic. (We have a G Suite pricing breakdown here that compares G Suite Basic to all other tiers.)

The only limitation that may be of concern is the limited document storage. In G Suite Basic, you are limited to 30 GB of storage space per user. That’s not a lot of storage space, and if you use Google Drive to store all your files, you’ll easily hit the limit.

One option is to combine your free G Suite Basic plan with a Dropbox plan. This gives you the most storage you’ll ever need at an affordable price and lets you keep your G Suite Basic plan for free.

G Suite Pricing

If you’re a nonprofit organization, you should definitely sign up for G Suite. It’s a great set of products, has the highest user satisfaction ratings in the category, and is completely free for non-commercial use. Here we explain the non-commercial plan for G Suite in its entirety.

Office 365 Vs G Suite

Google also has a special edition of G Suite for schools called G Suite Education. Two plans – standard plan and business plan.

The standard plan for G Suite for Education is completely free. It includes email accounts for your school, a full range of products, unlimited document storage and

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