Cara Transfer Uang Lewat M Banking Bca

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The current saying “the world is in your hands” is almost absolute. Almost all information and transactions can be done just sitting next to the phone and you can do everything and download it.

Cara Transfer Uang Lewat M Banking Bca

Cara Transfer Uang Lewat M Banking Bca

One of the perceived benefits of the term is that banking transactions such as money transfers/remittances for any purpose can be done through your own mobile phone without having to travel to a distant counter or ATM. where you live

Cara Transfer Uang Dari Aplikasi Bca Mobile Di Smartphone Android

BCA Bank, as one of the largest banks in Indonesia, offers this trading service that can be easily done through Android or iOS mobile phones with an application called BCA Mobile.

With BCA Mobile downloaded on your smartphone, you can conduct many banking transactions from BCA Bank. This includes transfers between BCA bank accounts, between Indonesian banks and to other parties in three categories through virtual BCA accounts. .

The method itself is very simple. To send money to an account number, just register the number you want to send money to, enter the nominal name and click [OK] to request the money transfer. Or via Virtual Account (VA): Enter your VA number and click OK to send the funds.

However, if you don’t know how to transfer using m-BCA, here are the steps to transfer:

Cara Transfer Uang Lewat Atm Bri, Bni, Mandiri, Dan Bca

3. In this transfer procedure, the account number receiving the first transfer from the customer’s account must first be entered in the list of transfers.

If you are not registered, you will not be able to transfer as the number will not appear in the list of available transfers.

4. This fourth step is a continuation of step 3 if the destination number is a new number. Alternatively, this step 4 is a continuation of step 2 if the account number is previously registered or if it is a different transfer process. on.

Cara Transfer Uang Lewat M Banking Bca

After step 2 or 3, you can continue the transfer process by selecting the m-transfer menu —> Transfer —> Between accounts.

Cara Mudah Cek Saldo Bca Via Sms, Mobile Banking, Internet Banking, Dan Atm

Tap Go to account to see a list of account number options. Choose what you want.

Tap below the “Amount” field next to the currency unit (Rp) and enter the amount to transfer.

6. After entering both the account number and the denomination amount, select the Submit button in the upper right corner of the application.

7. The transfer details are displayed. If it looks right, click OK. You will see a notification that the transfer was successful.

Cara Transfer Ke Bca Virtual Account Melalui Mobile Banking Bca

# m-BCA mobile banking – Transfer money to other banks To send money to other banks in Indonesia, such as Bank BNI, Bank BRI, Bank Mandiri, Bank Sumsenbabel and other bank transfers, the process is mainly BCA As with the transfer of money between bank accounts, you can follow these steps to get more information.

2. For new account numbers, first register in almost the same way as registering an account with your BCA.m-transfer partner. –> Register your bank.

3. Transfer procedure to another bank: m-transfer —> transfer —>

Cara Transfer Uang Lewat M Banking Bca

5. When you press “Send”, an explanation of the data to be sent will be displayed Select “OK” → Enter the m-BCA pin

Cara Bayar Lazada Lewat M Banking Bca 2022

# Mobile banking method for m-BCA remittance – remittance through BCA virtual account. BCA The virtual number (VA) is the identification number of a customer of a specific company and the bank gives it to its customers (individuals and non-individuals) upon request of the company Enter the account number as a natural person. Purpose of receipt (payment).

This VA number is often used in transfer models of online stores such as Tokopedia, Shopee or many other companies to facilitate the identification of each transaction that many customers make in a particular transaction type.

Sending money to VA is very easy with m-BCA. You don’t even need to register a VA first like you do for transfers to regular account numbers.

If you want to save it, please put a check mark (✔) in the statement “Save to transfer list”, this right is only for your convenience if you transfer it again to the same VA in the future, please do not do it. it must be saved. Enter it again manually.

Ada Bukti Transfernya Tapi Dana Belum Masuk Ke Rekening (sms Banking Bri)

3. After confirming that the information entered is correct, tap the “Submit” button in the upper right corner and enter your m-BCA PIN.

All proofs or reports about the success of the transfer process, such as inter-account, inter-bank and VA transactions, can be found in the m-Transfer menu —> Inbox.

Comment Rules: Please write your comments according to the topic of the post on this page. Comments with links will not appear until they are approved. Complete Ways to Transfer Money from BCA Mobile Banking – This time we are sharing how to transfer balance from one BCA account to another BCA account using mobile banking. Don’t have time to go to the nearest ATM alone? don’t worry Banks now offer a number of advanced features to support financial transactions. One of them is through the mobile banking system. The system allows us to carry out financial transactions such as transferring funds between banks with our fellow banks. See the article on how to do this below.

Cara Transfer Uang Lewat M Banking Bca

What is BCA Bank? PT Bank Central Asia Tbk (BCA) (IDX: BBCA) is Indonesia’s largest private bank. The bank was founded on February 21, 1957 under the name Bank Central Asia NV and used to be an integral part of the Salim Group. The bank is now owned by Djarum, one of Indonesia’s fourth largest tobacco groups. Source – (Wikipedia).

Cara Transfer Lewat M Banking Bca Ke Bank Lain Anti Ribet

Finally, check if the account number you are transferring is incorrect with the account number you are transferring. Account number information.

Note To check the proof of transfer, enter the Inbox submenu of the m-Transfer menu. Any money transfer transaction between BCA accounts is free or free. There are four ways to try to top up funds through BCA: m banking, ATM, Klik BCA and m-BCA Sim Tool Kit. However, of the four methods, app users tend to use mBanking BCA and ATM BCA as payment methods.

In general, the way to top up funds through mBanking BCA or ATM is almost the same as top up BCA or Ovo, i.e. Grab Driver using BCA virtual account. However, for DANA fees, the payment code is 3901.

This BCA virtual account number can also be obtained from the fund application recharge menu. The format remains the same ie 3901 + no. mobile phone Watch it if you don’t believe me.

Cara Transfer Bca Ke Bri Via Mobile, Internet Banking Dan Atm

So for more clarity read below how to top up funds using M-banking BCA and ATM BCA.

As you already know, you can pay utility bills, water, internet, BPJS, credit, bills to pay in various marketplaces like Lazada and Bukalapak through the Dana app.

Also, if you want to withdraw your account balance, the administration fee will be 10 times free, then we will charge an administration fee of only IDR 4500. Cheaper than bank transfer fees.

Cara Transfer Uang Lewat M Banking Bca

So what is Dana’s minimum application fee? You should also know that the minimum application fee for the fund is IDR 10,000 and there are no administration fees. Good idea? smile

Cara Transfer Uang Lewat Hp Tanpa Harus Keluar Rumah

Before topping up funds from m Banking BCA, first open the funds app to check your current balance. Press the “Top up balance” button and select the payment method Bank Transfer (BCA) to obtain a virtual account number.

As mentioned above, the format of the virtual account remains the same, so there is no need to click the “Fill Balance” button. That is DANA BCA virtual account code (3901) + no. mobile phone

The maximum charge amount for DANA without current account statement is IDR 2,000,000. On the other hand, Verified (Premium) can be recharged up to IDR 10,000,000.

In particular, Dana’s virtual account number through BCA Bank is 3901 + no. HP registered at the Foundation.

Cara Transfer Bank Bca Lewat Atm, Sms, Mobile & Internet Banking Bca

DANA recharge with BCA can be done in 4 ways: m Banking, ATM, Klik BCA and m-BCA Sim Tool Kit. However, customers are more likely to use mBanking BCA and ATM BCA for transactions at this time.

To view your DANA BCA virtual account number, open the Funds app and click the Top Up Balance menu. Another option is to enter 3901 + your mobile phone number as when paying, as the format is the same.

Then select the payment method via bank transfer (BCA). Copy your BCA Funds virtual account code and pay via mBanking/ATM.

Cara Transfer Uang Lewat M Banking Bca

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